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Books Distributed for Pucker Art Publications

Adam and Eve and The Art of Samuel Bak Adam and Eve and The Art of Samuel Bak
Essay by Lawrence L. Langer
Afterword by Bernard H. Pucker
Artist Statement by Samuel Bak In Pucker Art Publications’ twelfth book on the art of Samuel Bak, the artist collaborates with Lawrence L. Langer to explore the book of Genesis, the search for identity, and that first couple: Adam and Eve. Bak’s 120 paintings depicting the couple as travelers, Renaissance-era and twentieth-century lost souls, are rich in symbolism, posing questions of good and evil and of how we are to repair the world.
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-25-4    |    2012

David Aronson David Aronson: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture
Edited by Jeanne Vee Koles
With an Interpretive Essay by Asher D. Biemann
As an immigrant artist of Jewish background, who borrowed freely from Christological, Jewish, mystical, and modernist motifs, David Aronson has been an equally acclaimed and controversial figure in the Boston Expressionist school and beyond. Defying all clear categorization, his highly evocative art moves precariously between the realms of the religious and the secular, between Judaism and humanism, tradition and modernity. This book includes rich reproductions of Aronson’s works done in encaustic, pastel, charcoal, and bronze.
9 x 11 1/4, 174 pages, bibliography, catalogue raisonné of sculpture, indexes
Cloth $90.00    |    1-879985-12-8

A Force of Nature A Force of Nature: The Ceramic Art of Randy Johnston
Essay by Andrew L. Maske
Foreword by Warren MacKenzie
Afterword by Bernard H. Pucker Maske chronicles the life and work of Randy Johnston, renowned contemporary American potter. Johnston creates utilitarian wares that recall Neolithic forms and are modernized via their partnership with a Japanese folk aesthetic. His training began in the American Midwest, took him to a year of study with Shimaoka Tatsuzo in Mashiko, Japan, and finally returned him to River Falls, Wisconsin, where he is a working potter who maintains fidelity to the tradition and philosophy that initially turned him to ceramics: mingei.
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-23-0    |    2012

From Generation to Generation From Generation to Generation: Paintings Paintings by Samuel Bak
Lawrence L. Langer
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-32-2    |    2017

Glorious Slow Going: Maine Stories of Art, Adventure and Friendship
The Art of Marguerite Robichaux With Essays by Elizabeth Peavey
Afterword by Bernard H. Pucker
Celebrated Maine painter Marguerite Robichaux joins her friend, award-winning Maine writer Elizabeth Peavey, on adventures through the woods and towns in their home state of Maine. Glorious Slow Going consists of nine stories of their various adventures written in Peavey’s humorous voice and is illustrated with Robichaux’s oil paintings and watercolors.
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-24-7    |    2012

Icon of Loss Icon of Loss: The Haunting Child of Samuel Bak
Danna Nolan Fewell and Gary A. Phillips
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-21-6    |    2009

Just Is in the Art of Samuel Bak Just Is in the Art of Samuel Bak
Gary A. Phillips
Foreword by John K. Roth
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-33-9    |   2018

Ken Matsuzaki Ken Matsuzaki: Burning Tradition
Andrew L. Maske, Ken Matsuzaki, Phil Rogers
Matsuzaki’s work reflects the heritage of traditional Japanese folk pottery while showcasing the artist’s creativity, intuition, and skill. Grounding his pieces in the Mingei pottery tradition, which emphasizes that the beauty of an object is found in its use, Matsuzaki has developed an individual style that honors tradition and builds on it in in new directions.
7 5/8 x 10, 96 pages, 90 color illustrations
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-20-9

Metaphysical Dreamweaver: The Art of Enrico V. Pinardi Metaphysical Dreamweaver: The Art of Enrico V. Pinardi
Essay by Francine Koslow Miller
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-22-3    |    2011

New Perceptions of Old Appearances in the Art of Samuel Bak New Perceptions of Old Appearances in the Art of Samuel Bak
Lawrence L. Langer
Using the pear as a substitute image for the familiar apple of Eden, Bak explores the struggle of modern civilization to wrest from our fragile universe a viable mode of communal existence. Bak’s pears are stoic in their solidity, but vulnerable to decay. In some guises they shine with the beauty of succulent fruit, but in others they fall victim to the violence of history and the decay of time.
8.75 x 11.25, 120 pages, 75 full-color plates
Cloth $50.00    |    1-879985-14-4

Ode to Joy: The Art of Mark Davis
Essay by Jeanne V. Koles
In this lavishly illustrated volume, plants, animals, humans, and landscapes develop within the brightly colored and abstracted shapes that make up Davis’s body of work today. Vibrant palettes and abstracted sheets of metal are composed to create self-contained, kinetic narratives. Davis explores the three-dimensional spaces his work exists within, as well as his own internal dialogue through these kinetic scenes. Tapping into the joyful and childlike side of his audience allows Davis to convey a personal philosophy ...
5 1/2 x 11, 108 pages, 100 color illustrations
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-31-5    |    2016

Orange Night: Poems by Carol Dine
Artwork by Samuel Bak
Orange Night is a collaboration between internationally acclaimed artist Samuel Bak and poet/author Carol Dine. Presenting a unique dialogue on the subject of the Holocaust, the cumulative effect of Bak’s paintings and drawings and Dine’s poetic commentary transcends the artists’ individual talents. Their vision creates an intimate confrontation with history, as well as a belief in the healing power of art.
10 x 10, 68 pages
Cloth $40.00    |    978-1-879985-27-8    |    2014

Phil Rogers: Potter Phil Rogers: Potter
Andrew L. Maske
Phil Rogers understands, as did Bernard Leach, the doyen of British fine art pottery, that the studio potter is an artist who seeks to create beauty through a utilitarian object. This book, with an in-depth interview with the artist, and full-color illustrations throughout, allows the reader to appreciate the historical context and profound beauty of contemporary fine art pottery.
8 1/2 x 11, 120 page, color illustrations throughout
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-16-2

Representing the Irreparable Representing the Irreparable: The Shoah, the Bible, and the Art of Samuel Bak
Edited by Danna Nolan Fewell, Gary A. Phillips, and Yvonne Sherwood Bak’s pictorial readings invite reconsideration of the Post-Reformation privileging of word over image, and of the Post-Enlightenment privileging of reason over experience. Bak preserves memory of the twentieth century ruination of Jewish life and culture by way of an artistic passion and precision that stubbornly announces the creativity of the human spirit.
8 x 10, 220 pages, color illustrations
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-18-6

Return to Vilna: Samuel Bak Return to Vilna: Samuel Bak
Lawrence L. Langer
This book is a tribute to the artist’s return to his birthplace, to the place of his childhood, once filled with happiness; to the streets of his tenuous survival during World War II; and to the memorial for his grandparents and father. Bak’s journey was marked by memories and profound sadness and a great awareness of his responsibility to express the spirits of all who were destroyed during the Holocaust.
8 1/2 x 11, 120 pages, color illustrations throughout
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-17-9

Risk and Discovery Risk and Discovery: The Ceramic Art of Hideaki Miyamura
Jeanne Vee Koles and Brother Thomas Bezanson
Hideaki Miyamura is a Japanese-born American studio potter working in New Hampshire. Driven by the pursuit of unusual iridescent glaze finishes through controlled testing and the minimization of chance, the artist is still open to risk and is guided by the mystical and spiritual power of giving life to hidden beauty. Porcelains created by Miyamura are included in numerous public collections including the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and he exhibits widely throughout the United States.
8 1/2 x 11, 108 pages, 100 color illustrations
Cloth $50.00    |    9781879985261    |    2014

Told and Foretold Told and Foretold: The Cup in the Art of Samuel Bak
Essay by Lawrence L. Langer
In his latest series of paintings featuring images of cups, Samuel Bak proves once again that he is a master of the collapsing visual metaphor. His images do not vanish from the canvas, but they lose their integrity, groping for a form that will enable them to retain some semblance of their original shapes. Often set against a background of mountainous or other natural terrain, these damaged images offer a disturbing contrast to the indifference of most of the landscapes they inhabit.
11 x 9, 100 pages
Cloth $50.00    |    978-1-879985-28-5    |    2014

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