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Spring 2015 Newsletter
Review Highlights
Land of Enchantment
Land of Enchantment
by Liza Wieland

"Wieland tells the intricately woven story of three women whose lives intersect over time in ways only gradually revealed.... a compelling story of the undeniable power of the muse."
The 1929 Bunion Derby
The 1929 Bunion Derby
by Charles B. Kastner

"This almost forgotten story is told in an enthralling new book....It’s a story of the heroic aspiration of 77 men, mostly from near-poverty, who set out from New York in hopes of a share in the promised $60,000 prize."
Running Times

Watch booktrailer at YouTube
Watch booktrailer at YouTube
The Ideal Refugees
The Ideal Refugees
by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

"The Ideal Refugees exemplifies why gender continues to matter in international politics and in the image making of authoritarian regimes dependent on financial and political aid....this well-researched book, which draws on a wide range of primary material, is a must-read for academic, activist, and lay audiences concerned with women’s rights in the Global South."
Elhum Haghighat, International Journal of Middle East Studies

Dolph Schayes and the Rise of Professional Basketball
Dolph Schayes and the Rise of Professional Basketball
by Dolph Grundman

"Readers will learn about one of the game’s first stars and the zany universe he inhabited. Dolph Schayes had to tape up his own ankles on the road and yet, at one point, still managed to play in 764 consecutive games. Its anecdotes like this that make the history of the NBA so wonderful and Grundman’s book is full of them."
Slam Magazine

Chronicles of Majnun Layla and Selected Poems by Qassim Haddad and translated from the Arabic by Ferial Ghazoul and John Verlenden

"The cycle of thirty-nine poems is not just compelling and controversial, but also moves beautifully from Arabic into English. The joint effort of a significant Egyptian scholar-translator and an American writer-translator, is beautifully done. Ghazoul and Verlenden are not chained to the dictionary, but spend their effort recreating the poetry’s fine details and epic-realistic tone."
Asian Review of Books

Light within the Shade edited and translated by Zsuzsanna Ozsváth and Frederick Turner

"The present collection soars on two levels. First, the poetry is exquisite and draws readers in, thanks to the editors’ wise selections and the enchanting translations. Thus, the volume is invaluable for those interested in creative writing: developing poets can learn about forms and the esteem in which poets are held and their sense of mission: ‘a poet / Sacred, the prophet of the human’ (a poem by Jeno Heltai). Second, the volume as a whole affords insight into the psyches of people striving for freedom and the excesses to which they can be driven. . . . Essential"