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Review Highlights
Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish American Art
Social Concern and Left
Politics in Jewish American
Art, 1880–1940

by Matthew Baigell

"This is the first in-depth study of late 19thcentury and early 20th-century visual artists who, while influenced by their Jewish cultural and religious upbringing, were secularists who were attracted to radical socialist politics....This highly recommended book is an important addition to library collections focusing on art history, socialism, and 20th-century American radicalism."
Library Journal
Planning the American Indian Reservation
Planning the American Indian Reservation: From Theory to Empowerment
by Nicholas Christos Zaferatos

"Zaferatos discusses the complex conditions under which tribal governments operate but also provides readers with tangible ways in which tribes can better develop economically by delving into the obstacles and the opportunities that tribal governments face today. In doing so, he also advances the idea that strategic planning and development can foster even greater political gains than activism alone. This is a must read for both students and practitioners. Essential."
The Perception of Meaning
The Perception of Meaning
by Hisham Bustani and translated from the Arabic by Thoraya El-Rayyes

"Bustani’s work is experimental, literary fiction with a razor edge, slicing the tops off of familiar myths, tales, legends, and then, transforming them into visceral, grotesque fables."
The Literary Review

My Torturess
My Torturess
by Bensalem Himmich and translated from the Arabic by Roger Allen

"The novel has verve and pace and is darkly entertaining....My Torturess deserves to be considered as a masterpiece of post-9/11 literature as well as a major contribution to Arab and world literature."
Monarch of the Square
Monarch of the Square: An Anthology of Muhammad Zafzaf’s Short Stories
Translated from the Arabic by Mbarek Sryfi and Roger Allen

"Zafzaf offers visions of Moroccan culture and its traditions in an easygoing style that is well-nigh incomparable"
World Literature Today
Compassionate Stranger
Compassionate Stranger: Asenath Nicholson and the Great Irish Famine
by Maureen O’Rourke Murphy

"[Nicholson’s] sharp, compassionate, first-hand accounts of the human dimension of Irish poverty were rooted in direct experience. For this reason her evidence is of exceptional value. Her life and work has found an exceptional chronicler."
Irish Literary Supplement

Irish Women Dramatists
Irish Women Dramatists 1908–2001
Edited by Eileen Kearney and Charlotte Headrick

"Now, gathered together in the is comprehensively annotated, well-produced female voices create together a real force, a palpable clamour, as if demanding, collectively, that their plays be remembered and performed."
Times Literary Supplement
The Travels of Benjamin Zuskin
The Travels of Benjamin Zuskin
by Ala Zuskin Perelman

"Among the many scholarly tomes on Soviet-Jewish history, Ala Zuskin Perelman’s The Travels of Benjamin Zuskin, a memoir of the author’s father, is a breath of fresh air"
—Dara Horn, Jewish Review of Books
Leveling the Playing Field
Leveling the Playing Field: The Story of the Syracuse 8
by David Marc and foreword by Jim Brown

"Interviews with the Syracuse Eight about how this episode changed their lives is central to the retelling of this long-ago tumultuous period in Syracuse football history."
Christian Science Monitor

The Children of La Hille
The Children of La Hille: Eluding Nazi Capture during World War II
by Walter W. Reed

"Reed’s narration of the children’s escape and their camaraderie during this dreadful experience is as terrifying and wonderful as it is comprehensive and meticulous. He summoned the words to describe a chilling and courageous experience that remains largely unknown today."
New York Journal of Books
America in the Thirties
America in the Thirties
by John Olszowka, Marnie M. Sullivan, Brian R. Sheridan, and Dennis Hickey and foreword by John Robert Greene

"America in the Thirties provides essential context to key trends animating the decade. Its lively portraits, dynamic writing, and nuanced integration of culture will draw in students and general readers alike, exposing them to the decade's complexities and ongoing relevance."
American Studies Journal
Captain America, Masculinity, and Violence
Captain America, Masculinity, and Violence: The Evolution of a National Icon by J. Richard Stevens

"With Captain America, Masculinity, and Violence: The Evolution of a National Icon, author J. Richard Stevens offers a comprehensive and altogether definitive look at the history of Marvel Comics.…An enjoyable, well-researched, and timely look at one of the most dominant forces in popular culture today."
Popular Culture Studies Journal