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Fall 2008 Book Catalog 
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This Part of the World
A Novel

Samuel Hazo

Cloth $19.95    |    978-0-8156-0908-7    |    2008

"In this crisp...antiwar allegory, poet Sam Hazo traces the efforts of a band of guerillas as it resists eradication by a murderous, America-backed dictator."
Publishers Weekly

"A stunning, sobering examination of the duplicities of war. . . . A profound gaze into our time."
Naomi Shihab Nye, author of 19 Varieties of the Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East

"Poet Sam Hazo spins a spellbinding epic in this slender volume. This Part of the World is a tale for our times; of war versus idealism, greed versus self-sacrifice, stupidity versus cunning. Unforgettable, insightful, wise, Hazo's new novel is a thrilling, chilling read."
Valerie Hemmingway, author of Running with the Bulls

Premier Caseres rules his country with a ruthlessness that puts him in the elite category of Truijillo, Mugabe, and Kim Jong Il. A potent orator with a martinet style of leadership, Caseres’s ability to instill fear and reverence in his people has secured his place in power. However, the dictator’s human frailties run as deep as his stoicism. He is plagued with a heart condition that keeps him popping "pills like pistachios" and a son and heir to his leadership who has a taste for fast cars and little else. Finally, his devotion to Magdalena, his mistress, threatens to disrupt his unchallenged autocracy.

This Part of the World traces a new path into the heart of darkness. Samuel Hazo offers the reader an intrepid portrait of conscience, charisma, and the slow corruption of the human spirit. Hazo writes with a steely clarity and sharp satirical edge, bringing to life his tragic subject and illuminating the fate of a nation.

Samuel Hazo is the founder, director, and president of the International Poetry Forum in Pittsburgh and McAnulty Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus at Duquesne University. His latest works include A Flight to Elsewhere and The Song of the Horse (poetry), The Power of Less: Poetry and Public Speech (essays), and the novel Stills, published by Syracuse University Press.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 184 pages

This Part of the World

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