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Lessons from Joan
Living and Loving with Cancer, a Husband’s Story

Eric R. Kingson
Foreword by Karen Davis, President, The Commonwealth Fund

Paper $19.95    |    0-8156-0838-1    |   2005

A book that will benefit everyone, especially those negotiating life-threatening diagnoses; their caregivers, family members and friends; and health care providers and their students.

"Eric’s wife Joan was diagnosed with cancer and despite her near-perfect record of eating well and exercising right—and her medical background which should have lent to learn diagnosis—she struggled with cancer and the medical system alike. Lessons From Joan: Living and Loving with Cancer, A Husband’s Story offers far more than the usual memoir, however: its most valuable contribution lies in its lessons on how to navigate the medical system, how to obtain results in the face of obstacles, and how families can endure both diagnosis and treatment. This powerful story holds many lessons and much advice for any facing similar struggles, and is a high recommended pick."
Midwest Book Review

"For those living with or touched by a diagnosis of cancer, Lessons from Joan will be a comfort and a help. For anyone seeking understanding in the presence of the mystery of disease, this book will be a flowing river of perception. It will provide laughter, thought, tears, and above all hope. I recommend it wholeheartedly. "
Colon Cancer Alliance

"Superbly written. One of the great books I have ever seen in a 104 weeks of doing this show. Absolutely spectacular information for everyone to have. Lessons from Joan teaches people how to make the medical system work better on a step by step basis. I urge listeners to pick this book up and have it as a reference on the shelf."
dash Michael Roizen, M.D., radio host and best selling author or co-author of You: The Owners Manual and Real Age and You: The Smart Patient: An Insiders Handbook on How to Get the Best Treatment

"His book is, by turns, a valentine to Joan, a thank-you note to friends and family, and a how-to manual for families encountering a bewildering health care system in the face of terminal disease. Kingson manages a deft balancing act, crafting a work that is philosophical at times but never dense, inspirational without being overly sentimental, and instructive while much more than merely technical. Lessons from Joan presents a set of thoughtful reflections about struggle, loss and grief in a family turned upside down by the unanticipated illness of a youthful and vibrant wife and mother."
dash Dale Johnson, CEO Hospice & Palliative Care Associates

"Joan Kingson drove separately to the imaging center where her husband, Eric, met her for the test. They emerged from the building with the news that her cancer had spread to her liver. She was in no shape to drive. They left $3 and a note saying they’d return for her car the next day.
   Joan died May 12, 2001, in her sleep at Crouse Hospital, with Eric asleep next to her, his hands on her chest and head. Four days later he and the children, Aaron and Johanna, held a funeral service at their Manlius home and encouraged friends and family to dress comfortably, the way Joan would have liked. "No need for ties or dark clothes, etc." the invitation read.
   Eric Kingson turned their experience, their life together and the 32 months they dealt with cancer, into a book just published by Syracuse University Press. It’s called Lessons from Joan, Living and Loving With Cancer, a Husband’s Story."
The Post-Standard, November 21, 2005

"In the end, it is the dignity, and ultimately the great humanity with which Joan and her family faced her illness that comes through in this remarkable book and [which] enriches us all."
Niki Tsongas, wife of the late Senator Paul Tsongas

"Joan’s experience with the health care system has lessons for all of us. . . . It illustrates the importance of ‘the heart’ in our health care system—for our patients, family members, health care providers, and our culture."
Karen Davis, from the Foreword

"Many of us will find ourselves in an unexpected crisis of illness. . . . Lessons From Joan will be extraordinarily helpful. [This book] is not only engaging and tender but also informative."
Sidney Winawer, M.D., Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, author of Healing Lessons

"Provides both inspiration and insight. . . . [Kingson offers] many useful ideas on how to deal with terminal cancer"
Robert L. Kane, M.D., University of Minnesota Chair in Long-term Care and Aging and author of It Shouldn’t Be This way: The Failure of Long-term Care

In Lessons from Joan, Eric R. Kingson tells how his late wife’s strength, warmth, humor, and love—and those of many people they met along the way—helped extend life and make it worth living. It is about the fear, hope, and intensity of their lives during the thirty-two months that followed Joan's cancer diagnosis and how Joan and her husband and children maintained their family life during this time. It is about some of the funny, moving and courageous things that happened along the way. And it is about what they did to access compassionate, state-of-the-art care, including aggressive interventions that provided hope and improved the quality of Joan's life. Lessons from Joan is not intended as a "how-to" book, but within its pages readers will find lessons and practical advice about how to deal with unexpected life-threatening illnesses.

Eric R. Kingson is professor of social work and public administration at Syracuse University. His previous books and publications address the politics and economics of the aging in America. He and Joan were married for twenty-two years. They have two children, Aaron and Johanna.

6 x 9, 224 pages, 30 photographs

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