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Fall 2005 Catalog
Lessons from Joan   Lessons from Joan
Living and Loving with Cancer, a Husband's Story

Eric R. Kingson
A book that will benefit everyone, especially those negotiating life-threatening diagnoses; their caregivers, family members and friends; and health care providers and their students.
William Dudley Pelley   William Dudley Pelley
A Life in Right-Wing Extremism and the Occult

Scott Beekman
The first full-length biography of William Dudley Pelley, an important figure in the development of right-wing extremism in the United States called by detractors the "Star-Spangled Fascist."
Bergson Boys   The "Bergson Boys" and the Origins of Contemporary Zionist Militancy

Judith Tydor Baumel
Tells the remarkable story of six young men and the organizations they founded between 1939 and 1948 that would set the stage for the militant Zionist activism of today.
Blacks at the Net   Blacks at the Net
Black Achievement in the History of Tennis

Volume One
Sundiata Djata
An unprecedented look at the rich history of blacks on U. S. tennis courts.
Women in Korean Zen   Women in Korean Zen
Lives and Practices

Martine Batchelor
A rare and vivid narrative of a Buddhist nun's training and spiritual awakening.
Scare Tactics   Scare Tactics
The Politics of International Rivalry

Michael P. Colaresi
Explains the process whereby countries become locked into long-term and deadly international conflict and how they can escape that conflict spiral.
Formation of the Modern State   Formation of the Modern State
The Ottoman Empire 16th-18th Centuries, Second Edition

Rifa'at 'Ali Abou-El-Haj
With extensive new material, this classic bookdashnow in a second editiondashchallenges the current paradigm of the societal decline as inadequate for understanding the Ottoman society and state during this period.
Technological Utopianism   Technological Utopianism in American Culture
Twentieth Anniversary Edition

Howard P. Segal
In this anniversary edition, Howard P. Segal's acclaimed work on utopian visionariesdashtwenty-five writers in alldashis reissued with additional material allowing "New Perspectives for 2005."
Iroquoia, The Development of a Native World   New in Paper
The Development of a Native World

William Engelbrecht
Drawing on archaeology, historical evidence, oral traditions, and linguistics, this book provides a dynamic view of Iroquois life from the prehistoric period and Owasco sites through the establishment of the Five Nations.
Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks   Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks
William Gove
Relates the history of railroad activity during that robust era that witnessed the most intense timber harvest ever undertaken in the Adirondacks.
Boys Stories and a Novella   New in Paper
Stories and a Novella

David Lloyd
Set in 1966, these stories re-create the world of lower-middle-class adolescent boys coming of age in upstate New York.
Marietta Holley   New in Paper
Marietta Holley
Life with "Josiah Allen's Wife"

Kate H. Winter
Recovers the buried reputation of one of America's most popular writers from 1873 to 1914.
Painting Lake George   Painting Lake George

Erin Budis Coe and Gwendolyn Owens
Painting Lake George, 1774-1900 explores in depth the extraordinary paintings that depict the famously beautiful Adirondack resort community.
Life Lessons   Life Lessons
The Art of Jerome Witkin, Second Ed.

Sherry Chayat
With a Foreword by Kenneth Baker
Elucidates Witkin's success in rendering subjects in ways both immediate and powerfully universal.
The Warriors   The Warriors
Harold Zissman
A first-hand account that gives special attention to the author's experience among predominantly non-Jewish partisans in Soviet Russia, where he confronted anti-Semitism while facing a common enemy.
In Lieu of Memory   In Lieu of Memory
Contemporary Jewish Writing in France

Thomas Nolden
An encyclopedic introduction to French Jewish literature as it has emerged since the late 1960s.
New Perceptions   New Perceptions of Old Appearances in the Art of Samuel Bak
Lawrence L. Langer
Showcases the distinctive work of one of the most innovative artists of our time.
Kurds and the State   The Kurds and the State
Evolving National Identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran

Denise Natali
A timely book that analyzes the formation of Kurdish national identity from the late Imperial period to the present.
Resistance, Repression, and Gender Politics   Resistance, Repression, and Gender Politics in Occupied Palestine and Jordan
Frances Hasso
Examines gender, women's involvement, and sexuality in the ideologies and strategies of a transnational Palestinian political movement.
A Brave New Quest   A Brave New Quest
100 Modern Turkish Poems

Talat S. Halman, Translator and Editor
Jayne L. Warner, Associate Editor
A representative selection of modern Turkish poems that conveys in faithful translations the full spectrum of Turkish emotions, humor, intellectual explorations, joys, and agonies.
Lebanon, Poems of Love and War, Bilingual Edition   Lebanon
Poems of Love and War, Bilingual Ed.

Nadia Tuéni
Edited by Christophe Ippolito
Translated by Paul B. Kelley and Sam Hazo
A newly translated collection of poetrydashin a bilingual editiondashby Francophone writer Nadia Tuéni, including more than forty selected poems, together with articles on Tuéni's work.
Family and Court   Family and Court
Legal Culture and Modernity in Late Ottoman Palestine

Iris Agmon
Challenges prevailing assumptions about family, courts of law, and the nature of modernity in Muslim societies against the backdrop of Haifa and Jaffa during " the long nineteenth century."
Obliged by Memory   Obliged by Memory
Literature, Religion, Ethics

Edited by Steven Katz and Alan Rosen
A collection honoring Elie Wiesel's seventieth birthday.
Imagined Country   Imagined Country
Environment, Culture, and Society

John Rennie Short
Explores the relationship between society and the physical world through representationdashthe artistic re-creation of the physical worlddashwhich reflects interpretation.
Darwin and the Crisis of 1882     Darwin and the Crisis of 1882 in the Medical Department
Shafik Jeha
The engrossing story of an extraordinary crisis that reverberated far beyond the shores of Lebanon as the first student protest in the Arab region.
Slices of Orange   Slices of Orange
A Collection of Memorable Games and Performers in Syracuse University Sports History

Sal Maiorana and Scott Pitoniak
From the last-second heroics of Wilmeth Sidat-Singh in Archbold Stadium to the last-second heroics of Donovan McNabb in the Carrier Dome more than a half century later, this book is a chronicle of the rich tradition of Syracuse University sports.
One of a Kind   One of a Kind
Learning the Secrets of World Leaders

Walter H. Diamond
A world-renowned tax authority, author, and economist shares lessons in life and observations on great men he has met and known.
Intentional Leader   The Intentional Leader
Kenneth A. Shaw
Foreword by James L. Fisher
A former chancellor of Syracuse University provides techniques and practical guidance on the art of effective leadership.
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