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Fall 2004 Catalog
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A Time Between Ashes and Roses   A Time Between Ashes and Roses
Translated from the Arabic by Shawkat M. Toorawa
The first English translation of a signature work by one of the greatest living Arab poets.
Night of the First Billion   The Night of the First Billion
Ghada Samman
Translated from the Arabic by Nancy N. Roberts
Set in Geneva, Switzerland, around the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, this intricately plotted novel probes the emotional misfortunes of Arab men and women fleeing the horror of war only to find their ways of life constantly challenged by their foreign surroundings.
Sleeping in the Forest   Sleeping in the Forest
Stories and Poems

Sait Faik
Celebrates the work of an important writer whose career marked a fascinating moment in Turkish culture in the 1930s and 1940s when the secular, post-Ottoman sensibility placed new demands on the writing of literature.
In the Path Of Hizbullah   In the Path Of Hizbullah
A. Nizar Hamzeh
The only in-depth analysis of the party's emergence, ideology, organizational structure and modes of action.
Women's Voices in Middle East Museums   Women's Voices in Middle East Museums
Case Studies in Jordan

Carol Malt
Provides a unique perspective on the emerging role of women in the history and operation of museums in the Middle East.
Corporatism Ideology on Kemalist Turkey   Corporatist Ideology in Kemalist Turkey
Progress or Order?

Taha Parla and Andrew Davison
Offers a new interpretation of the political content, significance, and consequences of Kemalism, the founding and still official political ideology of the modern Turkish Republic.
Oneida Iroquois   Oneida Iroquois
Folklore, Myth, and History

New York Oral Narrative from the Notes of H. E. Allen and Others
Anthony Wonderley
Newly discovered Oneida folklore sheds light on a rich yet nearly forgotten body of Native American verbal literature. This is the first major book to explore uniquely Iroquois components in the Native American oral narrative as it existed around 1900. Drawn largely from early twentieth-century journals by non-Indian scholar Hope Emily Allen, much of it has never before been published.
Hattie   Hattie
A Woman's Mission to Burma

Joan W. Swift
Drawn from archival material, this biography sheds light on an individual and a important time in women's history. This biography of Harriet Phinney (1861-1938) is the story of one woman's search for a role more meaningful than the domestic life prescribed for her by her family and the society of her day.
Anything for a T-Shirt   Anything for a T-Shirt
Fred Lebow and the New York City Marathon, the World's Greatest Footrace

Ron Rubin
The inspiring true story of a courageous man who overcame adversity to become the driving force behind the greatest footrace in the world: the NYC Marathon.
Television Writing   Starting Your Television Writing Career
The Warner Bros. Television Writers Workshop Guide

Abby Finer and Deborah Pearlman
A reference designed by the directors of this prestigious workshop to guide aspiring writers of TV sitcoms and dramas.
A Reader's Guide to Modern British Drama   A Reader's Guide to Modern British Drama
Sanford Sternlicht
A comprehensive survey of modern British drama including over forty major British playwrights.
What Must be Forgotten: Survival of Yiddish Writing in Zionist Palestine   What Must be Forgotten
The Survival of Yiddish Writing in Zionist Palestine

Yael Chaver
Sheds new light on forgotten aspects of the Hebrew-Yiddish culture clash in the early decades of Zionist Palestine.
We Are Many   We Are Many
Reflections on American Jewish History and Identity

Edward S. Shapiro
A collection of essays written over the past two decades on American Jewish history and culture by one of the most perceptive and prolific students of American Jewry. The topics of Edward Shapiro's book span the gamut of the American Jewish experience: from the politics of American Jews, the nature of American Jewish identity, relations between Jews and blacks, and Jews and American capitalism.
Life in the Ghettos   Life in the Ghettos
During the Holocaust

Edited by Eric J. Sterling
A collection of sixteen essays by Holocaust survivors and renowned scholars which focus on Jewish life before the camps.
Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue   The Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue
Volume 2: The Weekday Services

Sholom Kalib
Provides the most comprehensive coverage to date of the intonation of prayers of all services of the Jewish calendar year, except those of the Sabbath and Biblically ordained holidays.
An Uneasy Relationship   An Uneasy Relationship
American Jewish Leadership and Israel, 1948-1957

Zvi Ganin
Illuminates a pivotal chapter in American Zionist history and the evolving dynamic between American Jews and Israel. Set in the first decade of modern Israel's existence, this volume offers an insightful look at the changing relationship of American Jews and the reborn Jewish nation/state.
In Harness   In Harness
Yiddish Writers' Romance with Communism

Gennady J. Estraikh
This pioneer study assesses significant pre-Holocaust twentieth-century Communist Jewish writers in the Soviet Union and America. Here is a detailed glimpse into the lives and times of Yiddish writers enthralled with Communism at the turn of the century through the mid-1930s.
Point of Contact - On Sports   Point of Contact
On Sports

Editor, Pedro Cuperman; Associate Editor, Owen Shapiro
The sports issue of Point of Contact features conversations, essays, and artwork by and about coach Jim Boeheim, writers Tim Green and Mary Karr, Chief Oren Lyons and Lacrosse coach Roy Simmons, Jr., film maker Owen Shapiro, and novelist and teacher Tom Friedmann.
How to Prepare a Dissertation Proposal   How to Prepare a Dissertation Proposal
Suggestions for Students in Education and the Social and Behavioral Sciences

David R. Krathwohl and Nick L. Smith
A crucial and effective manual for mastering the essentials for drafting a persuasive and successful dissertation proposal.
University Teaching   University Teaching
A Reference for Graduate Students and Faculty, Second Edition

Stacey Lane Tice, Nicholas Jackson, Leo Lambert, and Peter Englot
Deals with such timely topics as the adjunct instructor, nontraditional students, ethical issues in teaching, and the ever-important balancing of multiple responsibilities.
The Naturalist's Guide to Field Plants   The Naturalist's Guide to Field Plants
An Ecology for Eastern North America

Donald D. Cox
An essential guide to appreciating simple field plants and the key role they play in local and global ecosystems.
Saratoga Reader   The Saratoga Reader
Writing About an American Village, 1749-1900

Field Horne
The history of the village of Saratoga Springs and its earliest residents and visitors are brought vividly to life through this primary collection of diaries and correspondence.
Neighbors of Yesterday   Neighbors of Yesterday
Jeanne Robert Foster
This first published book of Jeanne Robert Foster enjoyed an unusual critical and popular success when it was originally released in 1916. Her work will speak across the span of nearly a hundred years and show how human nature and the Adirondacks have not changed that much in a century.
Ladies of the Lake   Ladies of the Lake
Women Rooted in Water

Kathleen Bagley
A glimpse into the lives of the women who are drawn to the magical power of water and the enduring legacy of life on Lake Placid in Upstate New York. This book is for anyone who visits or appreciates Lake Placid and the Adirondack area and has an interest in the region's rich culture and history.
  A Child From the Village
Sayyid Qutb
Edited and Translated from the Arabic by John Calvert and William Shepard
A translation from the Arabic of Sayyid Qutb’s autobiography Tifl min al-Qarya (A Child from the Village), first published in Cairo in 1946. This autobiography tells of the early years of a person who, in later life, would become one of Egypt’s most influential radical Islamist thinkers. This memoir—a document of substantial historical value—tells of Sayyid Qutb’s childhood in the village of Musha in Upper Egypt.
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