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Association for Middle East Women’s Studies Book Award Honorable Mention
Interpreters of Occupation: Gender and the Politics of Belonging in an Iraqi Refugee Network
by Madeline Otis Campbell

Best Memoir/Autobiography Award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors
Because of Eva: A Jewish Genealogical Journey
by Susan J. Gordon
Winner of the Robert Penn Warren Award for 2017
Land of Enchantment
by Liza Wieland


Selected as a finalist for the 2016 National Jewish Book Awards
The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzia Yezierska, Sonya Levien, and Jetta Goudal
by Alan Robert Ginsberg
2016 Translation of a Literary Work Honorable Mention
Thoraya El-Rayyes has received the Modern Language Association of America’s Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for a Translation of a Literary Work honorable mention for her translation of Hisham Bustani’sThe Perception of Meaning
by Hisham Bustani
Translated from the Arabic by Thoraya El-Rayyes

2016 North American Society for Sport History Book Award Winner
(Re)Presenting Wilma Rudolph
by Rita Liberti and Maureen M. Smith

2016 North American Society for Sport History Book Award Honorable Mention
Joining the Clubs: The Business of the National Hockey League to 1945
by J. Andrew Ross

2016 Association of Jewish Studies Jordan Schnitzer Book Award Honorable Mention in the Jews and the Arts
Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish America Art
by Matthew Baigell

2016 Canadian Jewish Literary Award Winner
Vilna My Vilna: Stories by Abraham Karpinowitz
Translated from the Yiddish by Helen Mintz
Foreword by Justin Cammy

Winner of Phi Alpha Theta’s 2016 Best First Book Award from the National Honor Society
The Iranian Constitutional Revolution and the Clerical Leadership of Khurasani
by Mateo Mohammad Farzaneh


Winner of the 2015 CNY Book Award for Nonfiction
Prelude to Prison: Student Perspectives on School Suspension
by Marsha Weissman

Winner of the 2015 Albert Hourani Book Award
Modernizing Marriage: Family, Ideology, and Law in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Egypt
by Kenneth M. Cuno
Winner of the 2015 SABR Baseball Research Award
Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1902–1931: The Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues
by Michael E. Lomax
Awarded a 2015 PROSE Award in the Language & Linguistics category
Disability Rhetoric
by Jay Timothy Dolmage


Included in a collection of 100 Great Books for the Social Worker’s Library
The Life and Thought of Louis Lowy: Social Work Through the Holocaust
by Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella
With a Foreword by Joachim Wieler


2013 Best First Book Award from Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society
2013 Honorable Mention Award from the Journal of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies
Unveiling the Harem: Elite Women and the Paradox of Seclusion in Eighteenth-Century Cairo
by Mary Ann Fay
Winner of Gold Medal from the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Stone Canoe: A Journal of Arts, Literature, and Social Commentary, Number 6
Edited by Robert M. Colley
Winner of Gold Medal from the University Continuing Education Association for
outstanding print publication
Stone Canoe: A Journal of Arts, Literature, and Social Commentary, Number 6
Edited by Robert M. Colley
Selected as "Director’s Choice" for 2013
Sylvia Porter: America’s Original Personal Finance Columnist
by Tracy Lucht
Winner of 2012 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation
A Muslim Suicide
by Bensalem Himmich; Translated from the Arabic by Roger Allen


CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title for 2012
Waxcap Mushrooms of Eastern North America
by Alan E. Bessette, William C. Roody, Walter E. Sturgeon, and Arleen R. Bessette
ACIS 2009 James S. Donnelly Sr. Award Winner for Best Book on History and the Social Sciences
Making Ireland Irish: Tourism and National Identity since the Irish Civil War
by Eric G. E. Zuelow
Arab American Book Award 2012, Non-Fiction Award Winner
Arab and Arab American Feminisms: Gender, Violence, and Belonging
edited by Rabab Abdulhadi, Evelyn Alsultany, and Nadine Naber
Arab American Book Award 2012 , Non-Fiction Honorable Mention
Modern Arab American Fiction: A Reader’s Guide
by Steven Salaita
Herbert H. Lehman Prize for Distinguished Scholarship 2012
Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership:The Six Nations since 1800
by Laurence M. Hauptman
Latifeh Yarshater Book Award presented by the International Society of Iranian Studies
Modernity, Sexuality, and Ideology in Iran: The Life and Legacy of a Popular Female Artist
by Kamran Talattof
Latifeh Yarshater Book Award presented by the International Society of Iranian Studies
Words, Not Swords: Iranian Women Writers and the Freedom of Movement
by Farzaneh Milani


Choice Outstanding Title 2011
Back Channel Negotiation: Secrecy in the Middle East Peace Process
by Anthony Wanis-St. John
Choice Outstanding Title 2011
Modernity, Sexuality, and Ideology in Iran: The Life and Legacy of a Popular Female Artist
by Kamran Talattof
King Fahd Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies Translation of Arabic Literature Award
The World Through the Eyes of Angels
by Mahmoud Saeed; Translated by Samuel Salter, Zahra Jishi, and Rafah Abuinnab
2011 National Jewish Book Award Finalist
Disenchantment: George Steiner and the Meaning of Western Civilization after Auschwitz
by Catherine D. Chatterley


Awarded Finalist in the Society of Midland Authors Awards for Adult Nonfiction
Watching TV: Six Decades of American Television, Expanded Second Edition
by Walter Podrazik
National Arab American Book Award
by Thérèse Soukar Chehade


Adirondack Book Award for Non-Fiction, Adirondack Writing Center
Great Experiment in Conservation: Voices from the Adirondack Park
Edited by William F. Porter, Jon D. Erickson, and Ross S. Whaley
Choice Outstanding Title
Eminent Persians: The Men and Women Who Made Modern Iran, 1941-1979
by Abbas Milani
Choice Outstanding Title
Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language
by Abdelfattah Kilito
Choice Outstanding Title
Hijab and the Republic
by Bronwyn Winter
King Fahd Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies Translation of Arabic Literature Award
The Pistachio Seller
by Reem Bassiouney; Translated from the Arabic by Osman Nusairi


American Institute of Iranian Studies Lois Roth Persian Translation Prize
Cup of Sin: Selected Poems
by Farzanah Milani
Arab American National Book award for Fiction
Remember Me to Lebanon
by Evelyn Shakir
Helen and Kurt Wolff Prize for Translation
Childhood: An Autobiographical Fragment
by David Dollenmayer
National Jewish Book Awards
Emil Fackenheim: A Jewishi Philosopher’s Response to the Holocaust
by David Patterson
Persian Heritage Foundation Latifeh Yarshater Award
Representing the Unpresentable
by Negar Mottahedeh


AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show
Women in Korean Zen: Lives and Practices
by Martine Batchelor and Son’gyong Sunim
Adirondack Center for Writing Best Fiction
Lucy’s Eggs: Stories and a Novella
by Rick Henry
Canadian Jewish Book Award: The Abraham and Eve Trapunski Prize in Yiddish Literature and Translation from Yiddish from the Koffler Centre for the Arts
Representing the Immigrant Experience
by Marc Miller
Cecil B. Currey Association for Third World Studies Book-Length Publications Award
Class and Labor in Iran: Did the Revolution Matter?
by Farhad Nomani and Sohrab Behdad
Choice award for Outstanding Academic Title
Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States
by Alan E. Bessette et al.
King Fahd Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies Translation of Arabic Literature Award 2007
Blood Test: A Novel
by Abbas Beydoun; Translated from the Arabic by Max Weiss
Selected as "One of the Top 20 Books of 2007" by the San Antonio Express
Does the Land Remember Me: A Memoir of Palestine
by Aziz Shihab


Choice Outstanding Academic Title
The Kurdish Nationalist Movement: Its Origins and Development
by Wadie Jwaideh
Choice Outstanding Academic Title
Kurds and the State: Evolving National Identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran
by Denise Natali
Michael J. Durkan Prize for Books on Language and Culture
American Conference for Irish Studies
SengoÍdelc: Old Irish for Beginners
by David Stifter
Selected by ForeWord Magazine as one of the "Big 10 Exceptional Books from University Presses"
Nightingales and Pleasure Gardens: Turkish Love Poems
by Talat S. Halman


Winner of Middle East Naguib Mahfouz Prize
Al-Nagid Award
Disciples of Passion
by Hoda Barakat, translated by Marilyn Booth
AAUP Book, Jacket & Journal Show
The Adirondack Atlas
by Jerry Jenkins with Andy Keal
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
In the Path of Hizbullah
by Ahmad Nizar Hamzeh
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
The Encyclopedia of New York State
by Peter Eisenstadt


Booklist Alex Award for "One of year’s best young adult books"
Boys: Stories and a Novella
by David Lloyd
Choice Outstanding Academic Book
Polish-Jewish Literature in the Interwar Years
by Eugenia Prokop-Janiec and translated by Abe Shenitzer
Donald Murphy Prize for Distinguished First Book
American Conference for Irish Studies
Irish Orientalism: A Literary and Intellectual History
by Joseph Lennon
Ewell L. Newman Book Award
Winslow Homer and the Pictorial Press
by David Tatham
Robert Rhodes Prize for Books on Literature
American Conference for Irish Studies
Anglo-Irish Autobiography: Class, Gender, and the Forms of Narrative
by Elizabeth Grubgeld


American Association for State and Local History Award
Salmon River Odyssey: The Town of Richland and Its Hamlets
by Hope Irvin Marston
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
Translating Israel: Contemporary Hebrew Literature and its Reception in America
by Alan L. Mintz
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
The Author and His Doubles: Essays on Classical Arabic Culture
by Abdelfattah Kilito, translated by Michael Cooperson
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
From Slogans to Mantras: Social Protest and Religious Conversion in the Late Vietnam War Era
by Stephen A. Kent
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles
"O Sisters Ain’t You Happy?"; Gender, Family, and Community Among the Harvard and Shirley Shakers, 1781-1918
by Suzanne R. Thurman
Robert Peterson Recognition Award from the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Negro Leagues Committee
Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1860-1901: Operating by Any Means Necessary
by Michael Lomax
Tuttleman Foundation Award of Gratz College
The Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue, Volume 1, History and Definition
by Sholom Kalib


Tuttleman Foundation Book Award of Gratz College
New York Jews and the Decline of Urban Ethnicity
by Eli Lederhendler


Koret Jewish Book Award for History
New York Jews and the Decline of Urban Ethnicity
by Eli Lederhendler
Michael J. Durkan Prize for Books on Language and Culture
American Conference for Irish Studies
Crossing Highbridge: A Memoir of Irish America
by Maureen Waters


National Jewish Book Award, Finalist
The Dybbuk and the Yiddish Imagination: A Haunted Reader
by Joachim Neugroschel
Smith/Wynkoop Book Award
Perfectionist Politics: Abolitionism and the Religious Tensions of American Democracy
by Douglas M. Strong


AAUP Book, Jacket & Journal Show
Haudenosaunee: Portraits of the Firekeepers, the Onondaga Nation
by Toba Pato Tucker
Choice Outstanding Academic Title
Sports and the American Jew
by Steven A. Riess
Choice Outstanding Academic Title
Wildflowers of New York in Color
by William Chapman et al.
Choice Outstanding Academic Title
God, Man, and Devil: Yiddish Plays in Translation
by Nahma Sandrow

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